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China fights worst flood in decades

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

113 million people have been affected by severe flooding across China over the past few months, especially those living along the Yangtze River. The State Flood Control authorities say 27 provinces and municipalities have been affected. 8 million people have been forced to leave their homes. Floods have inundated 7 million hectares of farmland. Direct economic losses total more than 140 billion yuan. Since the beginning of April, when the flood season started, more than 230 rivers have passed warning levels. Read more in this CCTV9 Special Feature.

Some areas along the Yangtze River have experienced the worst flooding in 30 years, where the Three Gorges Dam, the country’s largest, is offering a buffer as it blocks more than 40 percent of upstream water. “Compared to 1998, the biggest difference is the Three Gorges Dam. Without it, thousands of soldiers and rescuers would have been needed to fight the floods,” said Yuan Jie, director of the Three Gorges Cascade Dispatching Center of China Three Gorges Cooperation. To find out how the Three Gorges Dam helps to alleviate the devastating Yangtze River floods read the summary article or watch the full video of the State Council press conference on floods.

Hopefully the rains can ease soon and bring relief to the many people who have been affected.